COSINE-100 initial 59.9 days data indicate no dark-matter induced events, significantly challenging the DAMA claim

(COSINE-100 Collaboration, Nature 564, 83, 2018.)

(Korean) 동아사이언스 , 조선일보 , 한국일보 , 경향신문 , 한겨레 , 국내 10여개 신문 , IBS press

(English) Science Magazine, Physics Today, Economist,  ScienceDaily, ScienceNews, PhysOrg, IBS press

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Neil and Reina interviewed by BBC radio

During IDM2016 conference in Sheffield, UK, Neil and Reina were invited to BBC radio to discuss about sterile neutrino and dark matter. Start listening from 19:20.

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DM-Ice and COSINE-100 in Physics Today

DM-Ice and COSINE-100 were covered in Physics Today article, “Disputed dark-matter results gets put to the test”. PDF version is also available.

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