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First direct search of iBDM with COSINE-100 was published in Phys. Rev. Lett as an Editors’ suggestion (April/3th, 2019).

A search for inelastic boosted dark matter (IBDM) using the COSINE-100 detector with 59.5 days of data is presented. This relativistic dark matter is theorized to interact with the target material through inelastic scattering with electrons, creating a heavier state … Continue reading

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First annual modulation search from COSINE-100

COSINE-100 report the results from the search for a dark matter-induced annual modulation signal in NaI(Tl) based on 1.7 years of COSINE-100 data. The result is consistent with both a null hypothesis and DAMA/LIBRA’s 2-6 keV best fit value. arXiv:1903.10098

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COSINE-100 initial 59.9 days data indicate no dark-matter induced events, significantly challenging the DAMA claim

(COSINE-100 Collaboration, Nature 564, 83, 2018.) (Korean) 동아사이언스 , 조선일보 , 한국일보 , 경향신문 , 한겨레 , 국내 10여개 신문 , IBS press (English) Science Magazine, Physics Today, Economist,  ScienceDaily, ScienceNews, PhysOrg, IBS press

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